Tyler H., Age 12
Tribe of Naphtali

Here at wonderful Camp Gilgal, we are separated into Men’s and Ladies’ tribes. This year, I’m in the tribe of Naphtali and I’m going to tell you a little about us.

The members of my tribe this year are Nile, Isaac P., Josh, Sam, and me. On the first day of camp were told to pick our tribe name. My tribe picked Naphtali which means deer. Nile says, “Naphtali is the best tribe ever!” Our cabin’s name is Peddler Point. 

This year, the Tribe of Naphtali’s tribe leaders are Oofnik and Troubadour. Oofnik is 93 and I’m guessing Troubadour is 20. We have lots of fun in this cabin. In my cabin, I’m 12, Nile is 10, Isaac is 12, Josh is 11, and Sam is 10. The biggest shopper in our cabin is definitely Nile.

He spent all his money when there was still five days left of camp. Normally, we have 14 days of camp, but this year we had 13. This year has been amazing in this cabin and whoever is reading this, I think, that as a veteran, Troubadour and Oofnik are great tribe leaders. I hope you have a cabin just as great as mine! If you come to camp, you’ll love it. Hope to see you at camp!