Ryan H., Age 10
Tribe of Levi

In Wells Fargo you steal money from camp staff. They have bags of fake money and we have to steal it! They guard it securely and if they tag us as we’re stealing the money we have to count to 100 slowly until we get back in the game. It takes so long that it feels like forever.
Wells Fargo is my favorite part of camp. Jonah says, “I love Wells Fargo! I would do it every day at camp if I could.” I made the record of the campers this year, but two years ago we lost for the first time in camp history! All the other years, we won! Anyways, it’s hard to get the bags because they’re at the top of the hill! If it’s your first year and you’re reading this, never rush to the top of the hill. It doesn’t end well.

I hope you have a great time at camp if it’s your first year at Camp Gilgal.