VonsFiorella M., Age 13

One camp tradition is going to Vons which is what we did this year. After Yosemite we drove to Vons. First we split up into groups and looked around. I bought a mini bag of sour Skittles which was $1.29. Many of the girls bought chips and candy. I asked Pippin three questions about the Vons trip. I asked, “What did you get at Vons?” Pippin claimed that she had bought a horned melon, liquid chili powder, nectarines, and gum. I also asked her if she enjoyed the trip. She said, “I did, and I enjoy shopping.” The last question I asked her was, “Who was in your group?” Pippin said, “I was with Heimlich, Yamaha, Mekerah, Sophia, and Elijah.” Most people went to Starbucks as we walked in. We all were wearing our camp shirts in Vons, and people in Vons were asking questions about our camp. My group mostly was in the candy aisle. My favorite part of the Vons trip was when my group was trying on ugly sunglasses and laughing. Cricket helped me look for what I wanted though I changed my mind in the end. The men of camp mostly got candy. Bella bought mini utensils, celery, and Nutella. All in all, the whole experience was very fun.