Julia K., Age 13

“Welcome to Vons!” That definitely was not what we all expected when we stepped out of the camp cars, carsick but friends2 smexcited. The rush around the store was total chaos. “There’s Nutella?! Where’s the Nutella?!” Eliana was hurrying to grab some conditioner. “The Haagen Dazs ice cream I bought was life changing,” said Streetlight. Everybody loved the trip to Vons… except maybe Brighton who got sick from an overload of cookie dough and sherbet. Of course, I am sure that the owners of Vons liked all the extra customers, though the other shoppers were probably a bit confused. The trip made everyone happy, including myself. It was only a trip to a store, but it could be told with just as crazy war stores as Capture the Degel. Amanda didn’t expect it, but she liked having a chance to hang out with her friends while getting whatever she wanted. Some thoughts from the tribe leaders were that they had a lot of fun and that it was nice to go. Doc and Sonic liked going inside the air conditioned room.

Whether the trip provided air conditioning or a restock on food, it made a very relaxing afternoon.