Erica B., Age 11
Tribe of Asher

Is it the running, the game, the excitement or just the fun that makes this night game so awesome?! Hi, I’m Erica and my Camp Gilgal Gazette article is based on one of my favorite activities that goes on here at camp. What is this adventurous event? We call it Wells Fargo.

Here at camp we have many night games, such as Capture the Degel, Snag a Staff, Mission Impossible and Wells Fargo. I am going to be asking my friend Bailey what her favorite part about Wells Fargo is. Her words are: “Getting the bags of Wells Fargo1gold.” That is also my favorite part. However, it’s way different from a staff member’s perspective. These are Moose’s words: “I love scaring and catching the outlaws.”

This year we had a special visit by the one and only Wells Fargo stagecoach.

Now, we are going to hear one of Moose’s war stories from Wells Fargo. “I was using the element of surprise on one of the outlaws. I crouched down behind an oak tree and waited for the outlaw to come closer to the bags of gold. I walked behind the camper very slowly, three seconds later….Boo! And I caught the camper!” Thank you for reading!