Whimzy1Laney P., Age 13

This is Gilgal News and the report today is about the one and only Whimzy. First question is what is your favorite camp story? My favorite camp story was about Camp Decorating Day when I was nine. We decorated our cabin like Disneyland. I loved it!

Ok everyone, after talking to Whimzy for some time I discovered one of Whimzy’s embarrassing stories. She said that when she was little she kissed a boy and her parents teased her about it. Well, getting back to camp stories, did you guys know that Whimzy came to Camp Gilgal because she saw the Columbia parade? She thought, “Well, I’m Jewish and I believe, so why don’t I go to that camp??

Did you guys know that Whimzy is actually afraid of the rock wall? Like you really can’t tell because she climbed that wall like no tomorrow, and she did bomb on the giant swing. So Whimzy, I just want to say that you are so outgoing and I love having you as my tribe leader. This is the end of Gilgal News. See you next year.