Corey W., Age 10
Tribe of Ephraim

When you decorate the flag you put paint and glitter and you get a cool tribe name. And you get to help pick the flag color and flag name. It is fun. You can have the bull, snakes, grapes, wolves. Then you let it dry. The next day they give it to you. You take it to the cabin. You take it with you to every meal. Everyone writes their name and tribe name in Hebrew. You take the flags to Tabernacle, too! We also march in the Fourth of July Parade with our degelim. Everyone in Columbia sees our beautiful flags. The tribe of Ephraim has a bull with fire in its eyes on a white background. It has a golden ring in its nose and red horns. Every tribe writes “Camp Gilgal 2012” on their flag. At the end of the year the camper of the year gets to take their degel home. Everyone always wants to carry their tribe’s degel around to meals and Tabernacle.