Archery1Naomi W., Age 13
Tribe of Judah

Archery is a fun activity you can do at teen camp. I like archery because I like to try to shoot the bullseye and just have fun and challenge myself. After you shoot all your arrows, you have to retrieve them and sometimes have to look in the woods to find them. Every year I get better because I get good tips from the camp staff and my friends. Sometimes we do a shooting challenge where either we see who shoots the most arrows on the target or who can shoot the most balloons. We have to make sure we don’t accidentally hurt each other with the arrows because they’re sharp and can cause injuries, but luckily we haven’t hurt anyone or shot anyone. Learning how to shoot a bow and arrow can be a little scary but it’s a great experience and you get more into it the more you shoot and get closer to the bullseye. It’s also a fun way to play with your friends and challenge each other. Teen camp is a lot of fun and you should come here, too.