By: Chloe S. | Age: 12
Tribe: Reuben
Have you ever wanted to have a bow and arrow in your hands? Well this year at Camp Gilgal, we had archery as one activity. You might be thinking how do you do archery? Well let me guide you on all the helpful tips. First when you get to the archery area you would like to be wearing closed toed shoes. Second you should get a bow that works for you, and if you’re right-handed get the right-handed bow, an if you’re left-handed, well you’re there are left-handed bows. Third, the staff member will give you a good amount of arrows so that everyone has the same amount. Fourth, when they say, “you can shoot now” you can see how your archery skills are. Fifth, when you have run out of arrows and everyone else has run out of arrows you may go and fetch your arrows. Well that is the end of my helpful tips. I hope if you come to camp you will like archery!