By: Eliana R. | Age: 13
Here at Camp Gilgal we separate the ladies and the men. In a cabin, there are typically five or six campers. This year my cabin has four campers plus me. Also, in a cabin, there are two tribe leaders. The campers in my cabin are named Liel, Sivan, Joy, Hesed and me. The leaders in my cabin are Taxi and Doodles. The campers are all the same age, 13 years old, except Liel who is 14. When I asked Taxi and Doodles how old they were, Taxi replied saying she was 96. As for Doodles, she held her fingers up and somehow came up with the number 223 ¾. In our cabin of Toodles, we have dance parties to 80’s music. We do icebreaker games and play two truths and a lie. When doing devotions, we tell heartfelt stories and have deep conversations. When studying our Bible verse, we sing it to the beat of Bad Guy by Billie Eilish. Overall, this year in my cabin I had an amazing year. My cabin is weird, but we are family.