Rain M., Age 14

I’m from Southern California and I took the transportation provided by Camp Gilgal. It was a smooth five-hour drive. While we were driving up the hill to camp in the Ford van, I saw that there was a fire there from two weeks ago. While driving up the hill I saw the staff charging at the van and they started to bang on the windows. My theory regarding the staff banging on the windows is to get the campers hyped up for camp and give them an overwhelmingly joyful welcome as the van drives up the hill. In addition, I felt very excited when the staff slammed on the windows of the van because it got the campers and me stoked for all the fun that we were going to have at camp. It Arriving at Camp1was a different experience from last year because last year they didn’t bang on my car and I didn’t know what to expect. Once we got out of the vans the excitement continued.

And we saw campers whom we knew from last year and other winter/summer camps. Everyone was filled with joy seeing staff and campers, introducing ourselves to the staff as they helped unload the van/other vehicles. Later they told us which tribe leader we were going to have and who our cabin mates were going to be. Everyone seemed happy with where they were placed. Then we went to our cabins to unload our luggage and hang out with our tribe mates. In conclusion, arriving at camp was a joyful experience because it got me hyped up and excited for camp and all the fun activities we would have during the week.