Lizzy N., Age 13

The tribe of Acorn and Whimzy…. Where do I begin? We’re loud, friends, some love books, some love anime and we all love Netflix. We wake up really early and have to take turns getting ready. We live in a cabin called Columbine, with four bunk beds, two cots (small beds), and one mattress on the floor. Our crowded cabin of eleven can get really messy and a pain to clean in the morning.

I decided to interview Laney (one of my cabin mates) for her opinion on our cabin. First, I asked Laney, “What is your favorite part of our cabin?” She answered, “That I know and am comfortable around everyone.” “Do you like the bathrooms better here or at junior camp?” The bathrooms at teen camp are connected to the cabin while the ones in junior camp are in a separate building. She answered, “Here, because it’s cleaner, easier to bring stuff to and it’s connected to the cabin.” Bella, another of my cabin mates, said, “My favorite part of our cabin is all the people,” after I asked her the same question.

Cabin life is very crowded, funny, amazing and loud. We go rock climbing, jump from a tree, do a ropes course, go to Yosemite and do trust exercises. The cabin of Acorn and Whimzy in the best cabin in the camp.