Brighton G., Age 15

It was a regular, fun day at camp. The day started off like any other day, except it was raining. We ate inside instead of outside and right after lunch ended Streetlight screams, “Go get ready for Bass Lake!” She said to get shoes, bathing suits, a change bass lake2of clothes, sunscreen and spending money. It was a fun drive to Bass Lake, except I got a little bit car sick.

We got there, and I jumped out of the van! I was so excited! Nobody was there because the day started out gloomy, but it got sunny and it wasn’t crowded at all! I was first in the water, and it felt so good! I got about four shades tanner. It’s so great! I got on the banana, twice! I got so much water in my nose! Leah and I hit our noses on each other’s twice!

Other than those minor injuries, it was a great day! We had an awesome worship session when we got back, and it was super cool. Everyone got really emotional, and I think everyone connected with God. It was awesome. We also had a really good dinner at Bass Lake. I even made friends that I never met at camp before! All in all it was an awesome day, and Bass Lake is the best day of camp. It was an awesome way to end my last year at teen camp.