By Judah W. age 15

Tribe of Zebulon


Every day at Camp Gilgal we have activities after breakfast. I admire the camp staff, they keep us on track and let us choose one Bible topic. The Bible topics are interesting and they don’t just teach us about the Bible, they teach us about controversial topics in society today. One Bible topic was about gender in the Bible. This topic was very interesting to me because from Bible verses I had heard before camp I had a misconception that men were represented as superior to women in the Bible.

However, after studying the Bible topic, I learned that context is very important. We looked at the laws restricting the rights of women during that time period and learned that even though the verses seemed to be putting women beneath men, women were actually given more rights than they had previously.

The Bible topics I chose were taught by Beardo. He is my favorite leader to read and analyze the Bible with, he makes it fun and interesting. I really enjoy how Camp Gilgal approaches teaching teens about God. Unlike other camps, Gilgal gives campers a choice of what Bible topics we would like to learn about. Camp Gilgal has an incredible staff that I trust and the staff stays connected to the campers even after camp. If I feel unmotivated to study the Bible on my own, I can Skype my trusted leader Beardo even when I’m not at camp.