By Isaac G. age 11

Tribe of Judah


Hiccup grew up in a believing home and his favorite thing to do when he was bored was gymnastics. Hiccup went to junior camp for one year and he has been a tribe leader for four years. He ran into Twister at a conference and soon after Hiccup became a tribe leader. Twister knew Hiccup’s parents and that is how he came to Camp Gilgal.

Hiccup thought his name was random like how he came to camp. Today, Hiccup is an out of cabin leader. He was a great tribe leader in 2015. Hiccup’s favorite album is Joshua Aaron’s “Every Tribe” because it is a fun way to praise God and it shows our need for God. Hiccup has been reading Mark recently because it is the topic of teen camp. His favorite part of camp is when he can do random crazy things and he has a lot of fun planning and setting up Mission Impossible. I decided to write about Hiccup because he was an out of cabin leader and spent a lot of time with my tribe.