By Eliana A. age 14

Tribe of Benjamin


A big part of teen camp is the (infamous) campout. All of camp packed up, squeezed into vans, and after a two hour drive of sleeping, k’vetching, and singing/screaming at the top of our lungs, we finally got to the camp ground. We waited in the vans and watched Anonymous passionately scream to her music for about 5 minutes. After we got out of the vans and used the restroom, we set up our tents, got our tent assignments and waited for the pool to open. The mosquitoes and heat were really bad, so when the pool opened, almost everyone got in. After the swim, there was a bit of time where we all chilled; some of us played basketball, some played around with a volley ball, and other hung out around the picnic tables or played at the little playground. We then walked back to our tent area and relaxed until we were told that it was time to eat! While we talked, we periodically slapped ourselves, flailed our arms, and exclaimed whenever the mosquitoes bit us. By the end of dinner, nearly everyone had changed into pants, and doused themselves in bug spray. A couple of us played with a volleyball until the bugs got too bad. Then we ate s’mores, got ready for bed and tried to get sleep. Even though the weather and bugs were far from desired, it was still a really good time for fellowship and fun, and dinner was delicious. No matter how bad the bugs, the drive, or the heat could have been, they weren’t as bad because the staff and the campers are just that great. Camp Gilgal knows how to camp!