By: Aylo L. | Age: 11
Tribe: Reuben
Hello, my name is Aylo and I’m in the tribe of Reuben. During camp we have cabin inspection. Cabin inspection is where your tribe cleans the cabin and the cabin inspectors check to see if your tribe got a lot of infractions. We clean our cabins after breakfast and before Tabernacle. After we get our lunch, we hear the inspection scores. If your tribe does really good, you will get one infraction or no infractions. The cabin inspectors always say, “You did pretty good, however there were some infractions.” Most of the time, either shoes are “askew”, or blankets are “tossed like salad.” I wrote about cabin inspection because it keeps the cabins clean and helps each tribe work together. This year, my tribe didn’t do so good in the beginning but got better and better. That is all I have to say about cabin inspection.