By: Carrie M. | Age: 15
Taxi’s interview showed broader insight on her life inside and out of Camp Gilgal. From a list of questions, she answered with her thoughts and opinions. To start, Taxi’s favorite part of camp is a game we play called Mission Impossible. The game is played in the dark while following clues from place to place. She has been a camper and a tribe leader for a totally of 12 years. When choosing her name, there is a story behind it. Taxi was named Taxi because she was born in New York and came to the delivery room in a Taxi. She loves being Jewish and here is why. She liked having a specific calling and having a significance from God. Aside from camp related things she likes to watch her favorite movies with her friends and play the cello. Her favorite place to visit is a mixture of New York and Glacier National Park. Her favorite holiday is Passover because she loves to interact and have fun at seders. She also states, “Passover is set apart from the rest of the year.” If Taxi were not Jewish, she would be Lithuanian because it sounds cool, or Australian. Last, her favorite thing about her interviewer is their long FaceTime calls or her catchy hysterical laugh.