Camping smDani R., Age 14
Tribe of Judah

Every year, the Gilgal teen camp packs up and leaves the cabins. We go to a different campsite. This year, the weather was perfect, so we were able to swim, sit outside instead of in the tents, and do other activities. Also, there is a general store where we could buy food, drinks, and supplies. We ate delicious burgers and cooked s’mores. After getting ready for bed, we sat on a tarp and watched the stars. Some of us even saw shooting stars. Later, we went to bed. The tents were nice and cozy, so it felt good to snuggle up in our sleeping bags.

In the morning, we packed up the semi-wet tents and ate a breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and bagels. After, we got in the vans to go white water rafting and had an awesome, and tiring, rest of the day.