Elizabeth D., Age 13
Tribe of Dan 

Scream-O is an intense game played with cardboard numbers and dice. You and a partner sit diagonal to each other and the other team does too. To begin, both teams will roll the dice to see who goes first; the team with the Screamo2smhighest number starts. It was so fun during the game with everyone racing against each other. So, you have numbers from two to twelve and when you roll the dice, and say you get a nine, you flip over the nine in the cardboard numbers. You keep rolling until you get another nine. So your partner will flip over her/his nine. But the next time you get a nine, the other team gets to start rolling. Scream-O is my most favorite game because it’s very intense and you get to yell a lot. The goal of the game is to get to the first table and stay there. If you’re the first team to flip over all of your cards, you stand up and yell “SCREAM-O!” It’s so fun and super intense.