Eliana A., Age 14
Tribe of Judah

One of the really unique things about teen camp is the Whitewater rafting trip, but I’m nowriting about that. The trip wouldn’t be all it is without the campout night before.

First, we load up vans with all of us campers and it takes about two hours of singing and a quick WalMart shopping spree to arrive at the camping site.

None of us had seen it before and almost immediately we saw a tetherball pole, used the toilet, and saw a guy riding his bike in circles. Once we got out of the vans, we eventually unloaded, got our tent assignments, and started the nice task of setting up the tents. Then I think we found the showers and bathrooms. They’re very nice and smell like fresh wood because both are made out of wood. Us campers also found nice rocks to climb on, for like two minutes, before the tribe leaders noticed. Then, while RedSox and Watson started the food, most of us went down to the lakeshore and either swam or got beaten by the tetherball. Eventually the tetherball won and the lake closed so we settled for the playground. There was gymnastics, flexing, and fun.

if you thought we could use the playground equipment correctly, you thought wrong. Eventually, we walked back to camp and sat at the picnic tables waiting for dinner. When we finally got to eat, it was burgers, hot dogs, and grilled vegetables. It was great. We sat and ate and talked for a long time. Then we cleared out and all sat in a shape for a devotion and campfire.

We only had three Bibles and flashlights. We talked about shame vs. guilt. It was a good discussion. Also, there was watermelon. Then we were allowed to stay a little longer to look at the stars. Around five of us stayed then we ate s’mores. After all of that, we got ready for bed and slept in the tents. It was a great night.