By Emma B. age 10

Tribe of Simeon

Columbia is an extraordinary place to go to. It has lots of fun activities to do, and lots of cool things to buy. Camp Gilgal goes on July 4th to march in the parade and do fun activities with your tribe. When we arrived at Columbia, we jumped out of the car and headed to the picnic tables. Once we were there, we assemble, go to the restroom, talk, etc. After that we go to the place where we practice our march and do our pictures. When it’s time to march and to sing in the parade we prepare ourselves, put on bandannas and get in our lines. When it’s time we sing our hearts out, to show the people of Columbia how good God is. Once we return to the tables, we eat lunch.

When we finished eating we get money from Bank Gilgal, then everyone in your tribe goes to do fun activities. For example you can go shopping, candle dipping, gold mining, bowling, egg tossing, egg relay, eating contest, etc. The tribe of Simeon (my tribe) went for ice cream, shopping, and we did the egg toss. My tribe leader (Chip) won 5th Place in the egg toss. I got out in the middle of the game, my partner was Macaroni. We named our egg Greta. Before we do the egg toss, we watch our fellow campers do the grease pole. A camper, Ryan, of the youngest tribe Naphtali, won the small grease pole. After the tribes did their activities we went back to camp. The Day at Columbia was great! That concludes my article on Columbia.