By Ellie M. age 11

Tribe of Simeon

One day after F.O.B in the dining hall there was a 20-foot sundae with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and red cherries. I’m going to ask Eliana what her favorite part about the sundae was. She said that “it was how delicious it was, and the mini dance party that we had at the end.” Eliana liked the vanilla ice cream… The best part of the sundae.” Ahavah also liked the dance party and she liked the cherries. I would say the same.  I asked Sarah ”if you were stuck on an island what type of ice cream would you want to eat?” she said “I would want to eat cotton candy ice cream.” I asked Ahavah if she would like to have the name Ice Cream if she was ever going to be a tribe leader. She said “No I would rather have the name to be Cupcake.” But Eliana said she would like the name Ice Cream if she would ever be a tribe leader. She said she would like to be a counselor.

But now going back to the Sundae. I am going to ask my cabin if they liked it or not… they give it a big yes! Thank you staff for making it!!