ConqueringElizabeth E., Age 14

On Tuesday of Camp Gilgal teen camp, we (campers and staff) went on an amazing hike in Yosemite. The hike was shorter than last year, but it was uphill the whole way there. It was very worth it though because the view was breathtaking. We also took our annual Camp Gilgal photo on the top of the mountain. My fellow camper, Taliah S., thought the hike was short but steep. She also liked the beautiful view at the top. Taliah said she was playing the animal game and just talking with friends on the way up to the mountain. Taliah also enjoyed the three-sixty view of the mountains and Half Dome. Another fellow camper, Daniel P.’s favorite part of the hike was spending time with Google. Google and Daniel were talking to each other about the countries they visited on the way up there. I asked Cricket how she felt about the hike and to see if it was challenging. She said it was a beautiful place and there was a gorgeous view no matter what direction we turned. She thought it was short but challenging. Overall it was a very beautiful hike and I am glad I went on it with my Camp Gilgal family.