Josiah C., Age 14

Rock climbing is a great sport! It’s very challenging and it takes a lot of patience. What I like about rock climbing is that it pushes you to your best ability. The best part about rock climbing is that you don’t have to workRock on out your arms the next day because it’s a workout in itself. Some go up faster than others but everybody is trying their best. Then there’s Yamaha who stands alone in his own category on the rock wall. He looks like Spiderman climbing up the wall. Google is also very good at rock climbing. He rock climbs as a hobby and has participated in some competitions. This year at camp there were two walls that you could do, a regular one and a challenge one. I asked Google what he liked best about the challenge course and he said the mental part. Whether you’re going to step on this rock or a different one. What the best way you should go up, so that you can make it to the top. It’s like a puzzle that’s ready to get solved. My favorite part about the challenge rock wall was the will to persevere through the whole thing. It took me a little while to get to the top, but at the end, the struggle was definitely worth it. Rock climbing this year was a very fun activity this year.