By Emma B. age 10

Tribe of Simeon

Dodgeball is a very intense activity/sport. You have to be very athletic to defeat your opponent. At camp there is one chance to play your heart out. This year, I was on team ”A”, our opponents were “the bruise for Jesus”.

Now I’ll explain the regulations and gameplay. First off, you must split into two teams. The teams must have equal amounts of players. Wise and fair. For example if one team had all of the tribe leaders it would be unfair. If for example there are around three tribe leaders on each team, that is fair. Now that you have divided your teams fairly, and you know the rules, you may begin playing.

If not, here is a full explanatory guide of dodgeball. The idea of the game, is to get all of the opponents’ team out. To get someone out you must throw ball, and hit below their neck. If you throw a ball at someone’s head purposefully, you are out. But if someone goes for the ball and gets hit in the head you’re not disqualified.

Now the regulations. Number one if you get touched by the ball, neck below, you’re out. Number two you can block yourself with the ball but if you drop it while blocking yourself, you are out. Number three, if you catch the ball the person who threw it is out. When you catch a ball someone that is on your team can come back in. Number four is very simple! You may not cross the line.  Number five, if the ball bounces and hits you are not out. Number six, if a ball touches you and another player without bouncing you are both out. Finally number seven, if only one person is standing and they catch the ball their entire team comes back in.

Now I will get opinions from fellow residents of camp. First I asked Ari, how he enjoyed dodgeball, and he replied a simple answer, “it was fun.” Then I asked Jonah and he said, “it is one of my favorite things at camp.” Then I went to Streetlight and asked her how was dodgeball. Streetlight was said, “Dodgeball is the most epic of games! Because it forces you to play your best.” Lastly I asked Persaeus and she replied, “It was fun! I’m glad I caught the miracle balls when they were most needed.” That concludes my article on dodgeball. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a little about dodgeball.