By Ahavah M. age 10

Tribe of Simeon

OK, here are I am telling you about the waterslide, which is, well, super fun. Now, first, here are some fun facts about the waterslide. (And also one day you could go on the water slide when you go to this awesome cool camp!) So first here is how the story started. So one day we all woke up, and we got dressed and then after that we cleaned our cabin and went down the hill for breakfast.

We ate and after we all got done we went to our cabins and cleaned them some more. We did Tabernacle and learned about God.  Then after that I did Hebrew and craft, it was so fun to do craft. Then we ate lunch, lunch is always super good!  We had F.O.B after lunch and then my favorite part! After F.O.B is free time!! And I went swimming, then we had dinner and after dinner we went to the waterslide. Everyone was super happy! Then we got to the waterslide and went on it and everyone went on it but Ewok, he said “the light is green, and remember don’t lose your gold!” He recorded it on the speaker so it kept saying that.

Then when I was on the slide it turned me around, and when I came down there was a bucket that pours a lot of water on you. Then I went to the snack shop that was there, and I bought shaved ice, cherry flavored.  It was so good!! Then I went on the slide again, then we had to leave but I really enjoyed it!! The end.