By Bailey H. age 12

Tribe of Ephraim

I am part of the tribe of Ephraim. We are the oldest ladies tribe, and we are a very entertaining tribe.

Would you like to say funny things at lineup? Well, Mango and S’mores are tribe leaders who do that best! We all contribute a lot to our tribe.

I’ll start with the famous Mango!!! She is a key part of our tribe. Mango is very funny, she thinks that all together our tribe would weigh 800 pounds!

I think she’s probably right. She has never been in the biggest cabin, even as a camper, so she is very happy she gets to stay there. I love Mango!

Our other tribe leader is S’mores. She is awesome she wears glasses and a nose ring. She is very stylish. S’mores is also caring and loves camp. I know S’mores very well because she’s been my tribe leader for three years in a row! I am ecstatic that she’s my tribe leader again!

Now that I’ve described my tribe leaders I will introduce the campers!

Persaeus is 12 years old. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite sport is soccer, her favorite activity that we do is Capture the Degel. Persaeus loves omelet day!

Another girl in my tribe is Lily. Lily’s favorite color is purple and she loves pasta. It’s her favorite food. At camp her favorite thing we do is horseback riding.

Next up is Shalom. Her favorite animal is a koala. She had her birthday at camp. So my tribe got the birthday table!

Another member of my tribe is Claire. Her favorite animal is a wolf, sometimes she even volunteers at a wolf sanctuary. Claire loves camp.

Next up is Talia her favorite food is hamburgers. Talia is very funny she is a cool camper.

Last but not least is Bailey. (That’s me!) My favorite thing at camp is ladies campfire and playing guitar in Tabernacle. I really love playing guitar. Heimlich and I wrote a song called “Summer Fun”, we have an album called “Bailey and the Boys.” I really, REALLY love camp! Now you know the tribe Ephraim.