By Talia age 11

Tribe of Ephraim

My Gazette is an amazing interview on S’mores. S’mores is my tribe leader this year with Mango. She is really nice and funny. S’mores says that she likes getting to know campers and other staff members, all the while learning about Yeshua at camp. Her favorite thing to do is hang out with campers. She liked the tribe of Reuben when she was younger because she got the degel, and had such a great time.

S’mores never won Tribe of the Year when she was a camper, but once as a staff member.

She really likes Such A Mensch night because she likes to say nice things to people. S’mores likes to dance, but that she can’t dance very well. (She can do a very weird dance moves). S’mores has a loving heart for others. She has had to put up with every person in her tribe for the past few years.

She is an amazing tribe leader, and a great friend I hope I can be in her tribe next year! The End.