By Simona B. age 15

Tribe of Judah


At teen camp, we do something called Mensch day, it is a Jewish concept of helping the less fortunate. This is a day where all of camp goes out in the community and does a good deed. This year we went to a local farm about 10 minutes away from camp. This farm grows various crops for a food bank. They have multiple employees and very committed volunteers. The workers’ passion for helping those who don’t have as much food as themselves was inspiring. It was such an incredible opportunity to be able to help. At the farm we were split into many groups. The groups pulled weeds, vegetables or fruit. My group washed lettuce and picked kale. We were all a muddy and sweaty mess. I love that we were able to help out the area where camp is located and the employees were grateful for our help. It was so hot that day, but it was rewarding. We even got Italian ice from Red Sox at the end of the day!