By Rachel M. age 15

Tribe of Judah


As soon as I arrived at camp, we were given our tribe assignments. These are the people that we will be living with for the whole week. I was very excited to meet the new people at camp and see familiar faces. After everyone got settled, we got to choose tribe names. We had the option to choose from the 12 tribes of Israel. My cabin chose the tribe of Judah. As the week went on, I really got to know the girls in my cabin and form new friendships. A couple days out of the week we had tribe time. During tribe time, we got to do activities to bond with our tribes and get to know each other better. During one tribe time, we hiked into the woods and had snacks. We made a lot of jokes and laughed till we cried. The best part was having to run back to our cabin because it was pouring rain and we were all muddy. Tribe time reminded me of how much fun Camp Gilgal really is.