by Jonah M. age 9

Tribe of Levi

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could go to a place and find everything you ever wanted for two dollars and less!? Now I’m going to interview some friends and tell you what they think of the Gilgal store!

Tyler, which do you like more: the candy store or toy store? The toy store. What’s your favorite thing to buy there? The nets and bug catchers. Tyler what’s your favorite part about the store? It’s that everything is under two dollars. This is true. And guess what! They have a fire sale at the candy store on skit night, the fire sale is where almost everything is $.25. Skit night is where different groups of people work together to make a play. The Gilgal store is open during free time the store also has swimming goodies, float toys, noodles, and goggles, etc. to Gilgal store is a great place to get the snacks and knickknacks you would need for camp.