By Emma B. age 10

Tribe of Simeon

At Camp, we do something called Men’s and Ladies Day. You might be wondering what the opposite gender does when we leave. Well, I’m here to explain what we do. Monday was Men’s Day. Since I am the opposite of a male, I left for Men’s Day. When we were in line, Yamaha and Ewok came out of the blue, and shouted “men’s day!” The ladies went to the cabins and prepared. When the whistle blew, and we were ready, we all hopped in the cars and drove to horseback riding. Once the long hour was past, you arrived.

As soon as we present ourselves at the stable, and odor floated towards her nostrils. It was disgusting. It gets better, don’t worry. For me, I was used to the smell, because I ride once a week at home. But for the others, the stank reached its limits. My tribe, Simeon, once we got there we went riding. We march to the place where we got our helmets, put them on and got in line by height order. After that, we got onto our horses and began on the trail.

My horses name was Blair, she was a female, and it was quite sweet. On the trails were trees, flowers, dirt and everything nice. The horse in front of me was pooping every step we took. It was pretty calming, I must admit. When the trail ride was over, we got off our horses and ate lunch. After we ate lunch, we were given the opportunity to go to the meadow and play. Before I did that, I enjoyed my time with four adorable dogs. After I played with the dogs, I went to the meadow. Sh-boom and I looked for toads. We failed to accomplish catching a toad, but we still had fun. Although I didn’t get it toad, I caught a massive ant. I showed the ant to everyone, and eventually released it. After all our fun, we ended up back at camp, having FOB (flat on bunk). That concludes my article on horseback riding I hope you enjoyed. Thanks!