By Tyler H. age 11

Tribe of Levi

Hello! My name is Tyler and I’m in the tribe of Levi. Let me interview some people in the tribe of Levi and tell you what it is like. First of all, the tribe of Levi’s tribe leaders are Heimlich and Gadget. They are nice and I think anyone who is a boy should want them as leaders. Now I’m going to interview people in my cabin; right now I am asking Isaac about our cabin. He says he likes seeing out the window to the dining hall, being with all your friends, and how we have lots of candy to help each other not be bored also he says that we pass balls around her cabin during FOB and for fun in the days of camp. Now I will interview my tribe leaders they say they like playing the card game “dodak” with us during tribe time they also like thinking of ideas for skit night with us. Clearly the tribe of Levi is a great cabin because we hang out and play with each other by passing a ball.