Emma B., Age 9
Tribe of Issachar

I am going to be talking about what Camp Gilgal does in Hebrew. We do booklets, shrinky dinks, and other activities. With the booklets we get stamps when we say a Hebrew word on a page in the booklet. Once we get ten stamps we get a small prize oHebrew 2-1r candy. When we finish all of our pages we get a big prize or more candy. Shrinky dinks are little plastic boxes with drawings that get shrunk into necklaces or bracelets. I have done my name, my tribe, and a Magen David. One of our other activities was braiding licorice to make a Havdalah candle. I made a fish tail and a regular braid. Usually Heimlich, Ewok, Esquire, Sauté, Mahoney, S’mores, and Pippin are in there. We are using Hebrew words all throughout camp. For example, during the food line we say “Ken todah” which means “Yes thank you” and if we don’t want something we say “Lo todah” which means “No thank you.” Learning Hebrew is so fun; getting to use the Hebrew we learn is awesome.