Ahavah M., Age 9
Tribe of Issachar

So here’s how it started. It was my second year and I got there and me and my sister, Shalom, went to the “Awesome” POOL! Also, the pool gets cold! But… then it’s… WARM!!!!! And when it’s warm I play with all of the noodles and then…BAM!!! I throw the ball to ShePoolrbert and BAM!!!!!! Again she throws it back and then… we just keep throwing to each other. It’s so fun that’s why I’m writing about it. I love <3 to write also. But let’s get back to the story. But then after I swim for a very long time, I go out and play carpetball. It’s so fun when I get out and play I play against Tyler. That’s all for my pool story. I <3 the pool!!!