Malkiel A., Age 14
Tribe of Issachar 

There are always surprises in teen camp! This year, we went to do the high ropes course. The course hasn’t been set up and able to use for a lot of years, so we are a very lucky group of teen campers. I was a little scared to climb the first feature to get onto the course. The first thing that I had to do was to climb a twenty foot tall tree but then I was able to overcome it because of the encouragement from my fellow campers. The challenges that were there included climbing the High Ropes2tree and going through the rope bridge. Then, there was a wire and ropes that you had to hold on to. The next challenge was to go over the bridge made of wood, wires, and nothing else. You had to believe that all of the things were going to hold you up and trust your balance to get through. The last and most awesome thing was the zip line!! While I was climbing the tree I felt scared. When I was going through the different bridges it felt cool, scary, and increasingly awesome. When I went down the zip line, it honestly felt like the best moment of my life.  I felt a freedom like never before. It felt like flying, something that I’d only dreamed about before. In that moment I felt like I was experiencing a dream come true. The high ropes taught me that God is with me and He is always there for me. When I finished the course I wanted to start over and do it again. If you are ever given the chance to do this activity at teen camp, you definitely should!