Picky Tricky Activity Selection2Gregory V., Age 14
Tribe of Issachar

The activity selection is when after breakfast one of the staff announce the activities for that day. There are a bunch of activities including archery, Nukum, soccer, artsy fun, sun bathing, bending, fort building, and hiking. There are only two activity sessions, and the staff announce what activities are available for each session. There were just three activities per session, so you have to choose carefully and pick your best day. A lot of the activities are only things offered at Camp Gilgal East teen camp. For example, bending is about pretending to bend fire, earth, water, or air. Sun bathing is when you go outside to lay in the sun, chill, and work on your tan. And fort building is when you find materials to make forts. My favorite activity is archery. I have always wanted to be able to try it and I am so glad that I did this year. Another one of my favorites is Nukum. Nukum is related to volleyball, but instead you just catch and throw the ball back. If you know about the junior and teen camp activities in Gilgal, the teen ones are much better.  It is great to be at teen camp and have more selection and not have required activities like Hebrew and craft. At teen camp you have different activities every day and I love that I get to pick what my days look like.