Beau N., Age 13White water rafting with Scooter2
Tribe of Benjamin 

My raft was awesome because Scooter, Baby Carrots, me, Nature Valley, Nathanael, Keane, and Gregory were there. Scooter and I have a special bond because we go to the same congregation and have the same birthday. I have found Scooter to be the funniest person at camp, so having him in our raft made sure that we had fun. Also, Scooter seemed to be a magnet for water, but he took it like a pro and didn’t seem to mind. Baby Carrots couldn’t stop laughing and was laughing so hard—she even pointed at him, like we couldn’t see how wet he was! 

This was way better than junior camp because we have more freedom and junior campers would never make it on the river! They might fall out or get lost! The whole day Scooter was giving it his all, listening to our guide, and even paddling HARD through the rocks. Scooter even pushed me in and I held on to part of his life jacket. Nature Valley took advantage of this moment and pushed him in so we both ended up in the water. 

We weren’t the only ones who ended up going for an accidental swim! Kaylie and Zeven both fell out of their raft and our raft was able to pick them up, so we were a fun boat and a rescue boat! 

White water rafting is a great experience, something that I can’t wait to do again, and something that makes me look forward to future teen camps.