Ezra L., Age 11
Tribe of Judah

Horse day is a day where campers can ride a horse on a trail or around a fenced-in pen when they are younger. Horse day happened on Saturday, so a part of the day is with horses and the other is a special Shabbat day. Also, we went boating on the pond after the horses.

Finally, there are Israeli day activities, like a treasure hunt and eating Israeli snacks. And at the end of the day we did a Havdalah service. We wait outside for three stars and then lit a candle and smelled orange peels and cinnamon.

When we went to see the horses, the other group was not quite finished. So, we looked at the goats and fed them leaves. Once I found a leaf as big as my head and fed it to a baby goat.

Also, a big goat flung a baby goat in to a wooden pile. Then, the other group was finally done so we went on the horses and started riding them.

My horse’s name was Frank and he was being bad. He was being bad by trotting and bumped me up in the air. Also, along the way I saw a turtle. That was the best day ever because I love horses and Camp Gilgal.