Emanuela K., Age 8
Tribe of Naphtali

My name is Emanuela. I am eight years old. I like pool time because the water in there is so comfortable. The water is so comfortable because it feels so smooth.

There is also this swimming test that you have to take because there are three different levels. One level is three feet and the last one is seven feet. You also cannot take the swim test with floaters. Also, when you take the swim test, you cannot touch the ropes that separate each lane. You cannot touch them once you start swimming.

Rules are very important. Some rules at the pool are that you cannot run when you are trying to go into the pool. You also cannot dive for more than 15 or 20 seconds. You also can not go in the pool without a buddy or without sunscreen.

If you don’t want to go into the pool you don’t have to go into the pool because there is a game room right next to the pool. But I like to stay in the pool, because it is very fun to play Marco Polo with my friends. Pool time at Camp Gilgal is awesome!