By Sarah M. age 11

Tribe of Simeon

If you were ever wondering what is like to go on the SoCal vans, I will tell you. My experience has been great each time, and I have been going in the vans for five years. Every first day of camp all of the campers that live in Southern California meet at a public park near Los Angeles. When we arrive I say hi to all my SoCal friends and we remember funny old camp memories. After about 20 to 30 minutes of talking to my friends we put our luggage in the van, say goodbye to our parents, and we head off.

On the way up to camp this year I sat next to Bailey, Lily, and Ellie. The four of us led the whole van in camp songs such as “No You Can’t Get To Heaven” and “I am an M-E.”

At 12:30 PM all of the SoCal campers stop for lunch at Carl’s Jr. When I order at Carl’s Jr. I get the six piece chicken nugget meal. After all the campers have finished eating we play on the playground outside. After lunch we get back into the vans and take off heading for camp. About two hours later we take a break and we stop to use the restrooms. One hour later we arrive at camp and we unpack all of our stuff and move into our cabins. In conclusion, this So CAL drive was great and one of my favorites.