Vika S., Age 13

Wednesday after Tabernacle we all walked to the rope course. But then the men and ladies split up. The guys went to go rock climb while the ladies went to do initiatives. Basically, initiatives were group courses you had to go through with your tribe.initiatives

The first one we went to was a course where you have to travel over three platforms and not fall into the rushing river/dusty floor. You get three lives. If you drop your foot in or drop the boards you use to get across, you have to start over. You get one short board and one longer one. You have to use both boards to make a successful bridge across. The point of this initiative was to work together and take turns.

After we finished the first exercise, we went on to the next one which was a long large log. Snapple was commanding that one. To finish the initiative, everyone first had to sit on the log and get from tallest to shortest without falling off. Then when we finished Snapple asked us to go shortest to tallest so everyone had to go to different sides. Through this initiative we learned how to listen to each other and not to rush.initiatives2

The last initiative was a bubbling lava of lake/the ground. As a group we had to have someone reach out very far to reach a rope and pull it back to the group. Then one at a time everyone had to swing across on the rope to reach the safe platform on the other side. But if anyone touches the floor or falls everyone has to start over. After everyone went to the other side, Streetlight (who was in charge at that activity) told us we had to go back but without saying a word. We successfully crossed and all of the three initiatives were over. We then met up with the other tribes and we prayed and talked about what we learned like listening to others, working together and considering other people’s limits. When that was over we all went to lunch.