By Greenlee K. age: 11

Tribe of Manasseh


Hello! My name is Greenlee. I am interviewing my fellow bunk mate, Halie. She has been a camper for four years. She has two siblings and their names are Trent and Cory. Her favorite book of the Bible is Esther. Her favorite story in the Bible is the story of Moses. She found out about Camp Gilgal because her aunt, Nature Valley, works at Camp Gilgal. She’s a camper because she read one of the gazette articles and liked how camp sounded, so she decided to try it out. Her favorite tribe leader’s name is Mochi. Her favorite chapter of the Bible is Esther 8 and her favorite verse is Psalm 105:2. Halie’s favorite thing to do at camp is playing Mission Impossible. That is all I will tell you about my great friend and fellow camper, Halie.