By Lilya T. age 11

Tribe of Manasseh

Today I am here with camper Michelle, so, let’s get started! Michelle’s favorite thing to do here at camp is play Mission Impossible, which is a scavenger hunt that happens at night. She also really likes camping out because it is a good time to bond with your tribe. This is her second year at camp and she loves it! She decided to come to this camp because she wanted to go to a super fun camp! And she has grown to adore camp. In terms of food, she especially loves waffle day, but can’t pass up mac and cheese with goldfish on top. She talked about food for a while… in her words “it’s delish!”

Then I asked her a weird question, which was “if you could do ANYTHING for four hours, what would it be?” She said that she would play basketball because it’s her spirit sport, but would also want to fly to heaven because that would be rad!

Her favorite book of the Bible is Revelations because she thinks it is cool and interesting.

Michelle is one of my really good friends, and I’m so glad to have met her!