Ava G., Age 10
Tribe of Naphtali
Hello, my name is Ava and today I am interviewing Skidoo. Skidoo is a new ATL (assistant tribe leader) at Camp Gilgal. Even though she isn’t my tribe leader she is my friend, and is kind, funny and sweet. I am interviewing her because I want you to know more about her and I wanted to hear her answers. 

My first question was, “What do you like most about camp?” Her answer was, “Seeing the
campers grow in faith in Jesus.” I feel the same way. Another question I asked was “When did you learn about Jesus?” And she said her parents told her and she went to church and Camp Gilgal. This made me happy for her.

Then I asked when she became vegan, and she said fifth grade. This surprised me because it was a really young age. Next, I asked her, “What is your favorite food at camp?” She said taco Tuesday. Lastly I asked “What is your favorite thing about camp?” She said, “Campfires.” I agreed with her because I love that we are all joined together
when we are there.

Those were the questions and answers of this interview. I really liked getting to learn more about Skidoo and I hope you did too.