Logan G., Age 13

Java is one of the staff in my cabin. So for my first question I asked him was what his favorite coffee was. He said his favorite coffee was his first name, Java Chip Frappuccino. Then I asked him where he was from and he is from Chico, California. His favorite food is a filet mignon from Fifth Street Steak House in Chico. I asked Java what he thought of teen camp since it was his first teen camp, and he said that he likes seeing the campers grow closer to God and to seeJava, even stronger than the baddest coffee2 God work in their lives. Java grew up in a believing family that took him to a church that taught him about Y’shua. His favorite verse is Romans 8:28 because it talks about how everyone has a purpose and how God will always follow through. I asked Java what his favorite hobby is and he does karate and has gone to Japan to study and still keeps up to this day. Java plays guitar, bass and drums, and used to be in a band. He still plays worship for his college group, but has chosen engineering over a career in music. I enjoyed having him as a tribe leader and hope to have him next year.