By Claire C. age 12

Tribe of Ephraim

Back in the 40s Mango was born on a tropical island, called Camp Gilgal where she mastered the art of puns and eating herself. From early on Mango was a happy, crazy camper. Still today her bad puns are contagious. Mango is better known as Mongo to the men tribes. But she still dominates being the co-tribe leader with S’mores. Mango is fun to be around and helpful in the cabin she is really kind and easy to talk to. Her crazy pants light up every Wednesday. Talia says: “Mango is nice.”

This is very true! Persaeus says: “She is super funny and awesome!”

Mango really is a great tribe leader, full of life and spirit. Mango makes the tribe of Ephraim whole. Mango now goes to Biola University, so she can get a degree in engineering. She loves math and science. At home, Mango grew up with multiple birds and now has two cats. Mango loves campers and will make the craziest jokes/ puns to lift the camper spirits during FOB. She lets you goof off at cabin cleanup. She sings “I hope I get my raisins from Texas” to lift us up.  Every time she is there if you need help doing bracelets. Mango shows all the Fruits of the Spirit.