By Lily H. age 12

Tribe of Ephraim

Animal Night is the dinner theme tonight. Each tribe has to come up with an animal related costume to wear for dinner, and a saying. You get told before tribe time that it’s Animal Night, then spend tribe time preparing for Animal Night. My tribe Ephraim did the Chick-Fil-A cows. The whole tribe dressed up in black and white and did their hair in buns like cow ears. Our tribe leader’s held Chick-Fil-A signs that said things like “eat more chicken.”

The other tribes did things like “fries… animal style” and butterflies. The out of cabin staff dressed up as animal crackers, each a different animal.

I asked Shalom: “What’s your favorite part of animal night?” She said: “I enjoy making the costumes the most.” I also asked: “What’s your favorite animal costume this year?” She thinks the youngest tribe, Asher, who were butterflies were her favorite.

I asked Sarah the same two questions, she liked the tribe of Ephraim (my tribe) who did Chick-Fil-A cows. And she likes dressing up the best.

This year Animal Night was on the first official day of camp, even though it can be on any day.

I like Animal Night because it’s fun to dress up as unusual or funny animals, and come up with fun puns and sayings. This year’s Animal Night was probably my favorite year because it was something new and different.