by Claire C. age 12

tribe of Ephraim

Every night Esquire, and his trusty sidekick Baron von Toothy, venture to the men and ladies side so that Camp Gilgal campers can pass the test of Dental Inspection. Before bed all the campers are expected to brush their teeth.

To make sure your brushing is adequate, Esquire goes to each cabin and inspects teeth with a flashlight and Baron von Toothy (a hybrid dentist hello kitty.)

Depending on how well each cabin brushes their teeth more points will come at the end of camp.

There are two Tribes of the Year. You get Tribe of the Year by getting the most amount of points. Brushing your teeth can get your cabin lots of points. S’mores idea on Baron von Toothy is “He’s a very nice man who just wants to see clean teeth, he is on time every night, and he is cool.” S’mores is very right! Except that Baron von Toothy is a Hello Kitty toy.

Bailey says, “Dental Inspection is not really a theme this year I don’t get it.” However Dental Inspection is still jazzed up with Esquire and his sidekick. To get a proper brushing each camper must blob on toothpaste on the toothbrush and scrub your teeth for a few minutes.

Gum doesn’t work because the two men look inside of your mouth for food residue and yellowing.

So for protection of Dental Inspection,

Brush your teeth, so they don’t see that beef,

Dangling down from oral reef of teeth.

Laila Tov World! Bye.